Veterinary Business Matters Podcast

At A Glance

November 9, 2016

At Oculus Insights, we work every day to help fulfill a need by veterinary professionals to improve their understanding and success at running their business, so they can accomplish what they desire professionally and personally.  Veterinarians are relied on for their medical expertise. They know the ins and outs needed to be successful in preventing and treating medical issues.  What they haven’t necessarily learned is what’s needed to effectively run a business – what to monitor, how to manage staff, develop strategy, effectively market, and other elements needed to help achieve the financial outcomes desired. Business skills also enable them to address a better work/life balance, often a struggle with small business owners

Throughout the history of business, people use insights to make informed decisions. Our mission at Oculus Insights is to ensure that veterinarians have the implementable skills and tools to gather and understand the insights needed to achieve business, professional and personal fulfillment.

At the end of the day a well-managed veterinary business will have the people, processes and financial health to ensure the best veterinary care for their clients and patients. This is why we developed the various business education programs from Oculus Insights.

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